Hunt at Walfet

Hunt at Walfet


“The year is 1140​. The appanage of Kovir is ruled over by Earl Gedovius Troyden under king Radovid the Red of Redania. It is said these lands have only two seasons: August and winter. What is closer to the truth is that these lands are without a doubt the richest realms in the North. 

The ruler of a small domain in the far east of the Kovir, Baronetess Solva of Walfet, has called for hunters. A monster, supposedly a dragon, has been plaguing the lands around Walfet for a long time. Calls for aid to several nearby Redanian military posts did not find a helpful ear. To solve this problem with the utmost haste the baronetess has invited any takers. 

It is thus that you and your companions decided to travel to Walfet, perhaps not to compete for the contract yourselves, because as you might know a dragon brings more interested parties than hunters alone. 

Welcome to the hunt at Walfet!”

Events and activities 

We try to create an immersive experience in a living world where player choices matter. Our game is 24/7 time-in and wysiwyg (what you see is what you get)! This means no time-outs, no narrating, you will live and breathe your character from start to finish. Of course we know that this can get intense and you need a break from the game. That’s why we have designated off-game areas and safe zones where you can catch your breath and chill, have a snack and drink, ask for a hug, talk with someone or stare at a wall.
The following are things you might expect to see, encounter and live through:

❖ Duels and tournaments to show your weapon skills
❖ Lessons with various weapons
❖ Opportunities to learn more about the world, its inhabitants and its monsters
❖ Hunts on various of these monsters to show off your knowledge and tactics
❖ Lessons on skills that could be used during the event
❖ Dabble in local politics
❖ Investigate rumors
❖ Exchange goods and services
❖ And so much more 

The game world 

The game itself will take place in the world as envisioned in the Witcher books, games and TV series, but give its own interpretation of some aspects. At any point this does not mean you have to have Witcher knowledge prior to the game. In the sign-up form you will be able to specify your knowledge so we can incorporate this into your character. 

Player characters and groups 


Our scenario-team will be writing characters for each of the players based on the input they get through the forms that will be sent out a couple of months before the game. Whilst you can include your ideas, aspirations and other things you wish to have in the form; we cannot guarantee that these will be included in your final character sheet. What we can guarantee though is that we will try to give you a character sheet that will allow you to have the best experience within the game. 

NB: There will be no option to start this adventure as a Witcher or Mage. Players will have ample opportunities to take the first steps of becoming one if they so desire. 


Please find hereunder short descriptions of the groups that the players will be divided into. In the sign-up form closer to the event you will be asked which of these groups you would prefer. We will highlight each of these groups at a later point as well. 

Redanian Condottieri 

Mercenaries often viewed as expendable forces, sell swords,
quick and easy answers to problems that require less-than-delicate solutions or, to quote an Oxenfurt Professor, “money expressed as applied violence”.

The Condottiere however aren’t just applied violence, these are elite troops (and thus the equivalent of a sizable pile of coins). They have earned their reputation due to being highly trained and disciplined, providing consistent results and an ironclad policy of sticking to their contract.
When it comes to the art of war all sorts of “craftsmen” are counted among their ranks: archers, artillery men, cavalry, pike-men, skirmishers, field smithies, guerrilla tacticians, torturers, river-fodders, knight killers, wall-scalers, and such and so forth. Often cross training their members so as to easily adapt to the varied needs of the clientele.
Amidst these highly trained soldiers of fortune there exists a particular versatile detachment that is rumored to be, though quite hard to prove, specialized in clandestine deniable operations. Any members who were put to the question however categorically denied this.

What manner of contract brings the men and women of that detachment marching to Walfet of all places remains to be seen…

Local militia 

What used to be a ragtag group of farmers, miners, and the occasional thatcher’s son, has in recent times become a more coherent group of proud homeland protectors. Ever since the Baronettes appointed a knight to lead them there has been a change for the better. No longer defined as “too shabby to till a field”, but actually somewhat trained and given a purpose.

Their new found pride is tickled by their liege inviting outsiders to fix what is essentially a domestic issue. Granted, a dragon presents a different kind of problem than making sure the barony’s tithes don’t end up in the hands of bandits or old Griselda giving her husband an all too close encounter with the frying pan, because he came home drunk again…
Nevertheless they are determined to not be one-upped by any foreigner, mutant or other freak. They’ll keep the peace, make sure no wrong-doers do any wrongs, and see that the law is upheld. That or the gallows are held upright, last time they were a bit crooked, but with all them crooks and all, seemed appropriate at the time.
And maybe, just maybe, they’ll all be knighted for taking on that scaled monstrosity of a dragon themselves…

Beast hunters 

“The poor man’s witchers!” – “Not at those rates, they aren’t!”

Professional monster hunters who have no need for foul mutagens or magic tricks. Seeing witchers as nothing more than competition who seek to monopolise what should be a free market. They are boastful, excel at working as a team and are skilled at setting traps of all manner and kind. They have been described as constituting a measure of applied practicality, an astoundingly large part bravery (or foolishness, their maligning detractors would say) and with about an ounce of common sense amongst them… But none can deny they are skilled hunters.
And now they’ve set their sights on the Dragon of Walfet! Why? Dragons have loot & dragon slayers are famous! What better to be famous and have coin to spend on ale whilst bards regale you with your very own tale?
These professionals may have taken down some big game in the past, but nothing this big… yet. But they are sure to prove folk don’t need those grumpy mutated witchers. An honest man can do that job. Or close-to-an-honest man… Okay, okay, it’s this lot that will be doing the job!
So if you have lizards in your ‘hood, to whom should you send a raven? Creyden Ravagers!

Alchemist retinue 

Kritas du Pont Vanis has dedicated his life to attain the title of master in the very precise art of Alchemy. Though he professes in Pont Vanis since over a decade, he is formerly of Oxenfurt and will quickly change the subject when asked why he no longer holds a post there. Most alchemists develop shaky hands through the constant possibility of explosions (your flask, your neighbor’s cauldron, the entire next door classroom, …), but a few live through this phase and pursue a leisurely academic posting.

Getting your academic trip approved is a careful balance between staying in your peers’ and superiors’ good graces to get approval, and pissing them off enough that they are willing to allocate funds to see you go. The aim is to get enough money to get you there and back again, whilst they believe they are paying for a longer stay or a one way trip.
Kritas’ original goal was to visit his longtime friend and colleague, who had sent word that he was on the verge of a breakthrough in the underlying mysteries that defined the core of the alchemical arts, what got approved in the end however was a field trip for the alchemist class of 1139… The amount of student members of any alchemical education can diminish quickly due to the dismembering effect of exploding mixtures, shards of glassware and toxic (rather than intoxicating) vapors. It was however a few more people than Kritas had originally planned on taking along. Nevertheless the expedition set its way to Walfet, the town where his friend Berclay, resided. And Kritas proved himself to be a capable teacher along the way.

The posters proclaiming the presence of a Dragon in the region caused some worries amongst the group, but before they could write concerned letters to the faculty Kritas quickly informed them of the educational value and extracurricular learning opportunities presented there. After all, their healing ointments, elixirs of courage and fortitude enhancing oils would surely be in great demand for all those hunters who were attracted to the same poster and would face the dragon.

Ardent Adders 

They used to be thugs of the worst kind. Highway robbery, pillaging, arson, assault, murder, … Not caring for the sorrow they brought upon their victims, just wanting to grab that loot and head out to their safe haven again. Feasting and drinking to their unburdened hearts’ content. However, one day their leader got offered a deal he could not refuse: a chance at something better… He was never clear on how he got offered the deal, but in exchange for disrupting traffic on Redanian roads and assaulting border towns, the group would be pardoned by any Koviri noble and Lord or Lady of Poviss. So long as they could prove they had done their job in the name of the earl Gedovius of Caingorn.
The foul deeds done, all they need now is that wretched pardoning parchment that is supposed to have ended up in Walfet somehow. It should prove to be a pardon, at least for some of the things they did within these borders. A road to freedom from the past, if ever there was one…

Besides that, with the current situation in Walfet, the Adders are here to try their hand at something new. Something where their skill as fighters and ambushers could be useful. Like killing monsters, you know!

Few others would know the Adders directly, but those that do know them, know them as rude, brutal and inconsiderate. Though, they are thinking about bettering their lives, that’s worth something, right?

Dwarven Banker’s Securities 

The Dwarven Banker’s High Risk, High Reward Capital Investment and Acquisition Initiative Team, or the “HiRiHiReCaiAit”, which sounds like a yodeling cat’s mating call…
Some wanted it shortened to D.B.R.I.; but then others mentioned that sounded like a cheese from Toussaint… So now they often just say “We are the R.I.”, though that doesn’t help confusion.

Most of the dwarven banks tend to be concentrated on investments in companies and endeavours that have already been established as being profitable, yet there are also other types of investments. Investments that move away from the traditional markets and seek out profit in hardly known or unexplored areas of society. All legal and above board, of course. (At least in those areas that are regulated by law; and where the law is lacking, the dwarves are sure to set up agreements and charters to regulate things themselves). As such it comes as little surprise that the Vivaldi Clan’s dwarven ingenuity expressed itself in the creation of a new mercantile branch: a group of capable professionals that would go out to retrieve lost treasure, salvage valuable heirlooms from thief’s lairs or monster’s dens, make lucrative deals with dangerous people, collect bounties, and in one particularly dicey case: rescue a hostage ànd collect the ransom…
In short: face danger, and return with huge returns on investment!

And guess what? Dragon’s are known to hoard treasures, which include gems, precious jewels and unique stones. Often rare metals too, not just piles upon piles of coin. And let us not forget: whatever the local fools offered as sacrifice or tribute to the big lizard, so that it might stop eating their virgins…
Anyway, lots of gems! Of varying purity and cut, some even raw and unfashioned, oh the precious resources! Dragons are a high risk, but the reward, ohh!…
So why not add “relieve a dragon of its sizeable yet unlawfully-acquired hoard” to the list of successful business ventures?

Though there are those who would speak ill of the fact that the folk actually undertaking the risks, more often than not, aren’t actually dwarves themselves; but none under contract speak such words. Must be lucrative contracts then, either that or they have fierce non-disclosure agreements…


General information 

All the general information can be found in our General Design Document (link). Be sure to read this! 

This event is for people that… 

❖ Want to be immersed in a living world where player choices matter
❖ Want to experience a balanced game with moments of combat and moments of talking ❖ Are interested in the Witcher world or fantasy in general
❖ Strive to get the best game possible, including others in their play where applicable 

This event is not for people that… 

❖ Wish a single room with a comfy bed and private bathroom, as well as room service
❖ Only want combat and no roleplaying
❖ Want to start the game as a full-fledged witcher or mage
❖ Do not like close combat or body-contact (LARP is a contact sport)
❖ Want to discuss the latest football game, TV soap,…
❖ Play to win without consideration for other players’ enjoyment 

Other points of note: 

❖ All rules set out in the General Design Document will be applicable
❖ WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get – any out-game things in the game area will be covered to the best of our capabilities
❖ You do not need to be in prime physical condition to join the game. Any physical activity that would go too far for you, you will be able to skip
❖ Our safety system relies on the ability of players to set and respect boundaries, be able to say safe words, and be able to speak with the safety team in case you are not ok. If you have trouble doing that sometimes, this larp is not for you. 

Event location and accomodation 

The event location is a scouting campsite in the middle of Belgium, close to Brussels and Charleroi. It is a small domain with several buildings that allow for a varied game with plot boiling up at several spots at once. 

The address is: 

La Fresnaye
Prins Boudewijnlaan
1653 Dworp

There are plenty of showers and toilets available, though some of the showers are communal. This means that if you wish to have a shower all to yourself, you might have to deal with a queue. 

The location has no separate beds, instead using large bed bunks for multiple people at once. There are no mattresses or bed sheets sadly enough, this means that if possible you should bring your own. Of course we will help out by providing inflatable mattresses and/or sleeping bags for rental, the player form will allow you to indicate whether you would need one or not. 

Parking place near the site is limited, but we will be offering a solution to that closer to the event. Transportation to and from the event can also be arranged. Keep an eye on your mailbox and our Facebook group. 

What to bring 

❖ Sleeping bag and air mattress (if you are not renting one)
❖ Sturdy shoes
❖ Vital anachronisms (glasses, medication…)
❖ Toiletries and a towel
❖ Your costume if you have one (this will need approval from the organizers)
❖ Larp safe weapons (these will be checked before the event)


Players are welcome to arrive the evening before the game to meet some fellow players at a little pre-party. Bedrooms and the game’s inn will be available. Please do not stray into random locations as these may contain game spoilers. 

Arrival and accreditation will be from 8h00 till 12h00 on Friday the 1st of May. 

The game briefings will start at 14h00. These mandatory briefings will explain some practical information, game guidelines and core mechanics. If you miss these briefings you will need to get them later. This will mean a delayed start for your game. 

The game itself will start at 17h00 and run its course till the night of Saturday on Sunday, after which there will be a modest after-party at the site itself. 

The morning after the party, breakfast will be served from 8h00 until 10h00. All the rooms should be empty by 11h00. 


The standard ticket will be €250. The following is included in the ticket: 

❖ Drinks and 6 meals (fri lunch/dinner, sat breakfast/lunch/dinner, sun breakfast)
❖ The event itself
❖ Any pictures taken during the event in digital format
❖ After-party
❖ Rental of uniform and larp safe weapons 


❖ Arrive one day earlier with dinner, pre-party and breakfast: 25 euro
❖ Rent air mattress + sleeping bag: 25 euro 

Final notes 

We hope to see you at our event, and if not, then at another event that will take place somewhere in the future!